How could I gain weight in a healthy way?

How could I gain weight in a healthy way?
Gaining weight

Most of the time I meet people who ask for my advice about how to lose weight not gain weight, but trying to pack on pounds is not as simple as it may seem.

Gaining weight is very easy for some people and very difficult for others. Although being slim is generally be called healthy, being underweight because of the result of poor nutrition can generate health concerns.

So, if you’re underweight, consult your doctor first to find out if there are some underlying causes, like underactive or overactive thyroids. People may lose weight because of digestive issues, stress, illness or surgery.

Getting back into a healthy weight is important but even more important is getting the weight back properly and in a healthy way.


How could I gain weight in a healthy way?

1. Eat a little more than 2000 calories approximately

Most women can maintain their weight eating 1800-2000 calories a day. And, most men can maintain their weight eating 2000- 2500 calories. Increase calories by 200-500 cal at least.

2. Never eat any sugary foods 

Calories from junk carbohydrates will give you a pot belly, not the figure we want. Also, sugar is very addictive, it might cause you to develop an unhealthy eating habit.

3. The best way to gain weight is to stimulate the body

to grow muscle, increase bone density and fat percentage in a healthy way. Some people try to gain weight by eating a lot of junk food and gain fat around their tummy and organs. Not the healthiest way to gain weight.

4. Eat healthy and nutritious foods 

Dried fruits, shakes, fish, chicken, etc. You can get more in without your stomach popping.

5. Don’t fear fat

Healthy fats like nuts seeds, butter, ghee, cheese, etc. help gain the ‘real’ weight, which is the muscle weight. Don’t eat the unhealthy fats like margarine & vegetable oils.

6. Exercise is non-negotiable

Focus on muscle growth. People who train in the right way develop dense and toned muscle without ‘bulking up’. Hit the Gym, lift weights or go to the park and get some resistance training going. They all get the growth hormones pumping.



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