Is Butter Bad For You?

Is Butter Bad For You
Butter and Cheese on Whole Grain Bread

Is Butter Bad For You? … NO!  Let’s face it we love butter, but ever since the ’70s there was a fat-hysteria that swept across the US and now has spread to the entire world.

Everyone seems to think that butter, as delicious as it may be, is actually bad for you. This can’t be any more wrong.

Butter has made a comeback as a “health-food”

In the past few decades, butter was blamed for everything from obesity to heart disease and diabetes.

And, I’m going to make the case that butter is not only a healthy fat but probably the only fat you should ever cook with.

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butter cream traditional
butter cream traditional serve

What Does The Science Say About Butter?

There are plenty of scientific studies that show butter is bad for heart health and there are plenty that shows otherwise.

These studies usually compare the amount of ‘butter consumption’ with ‘decline in health’. 

But, “correlation is not causation”

A new study from Journal of the American College of Cardiology followed around 85,000 women and 43,000 men for two years. 

They found that what you eat other than the saturated fat (butter/cheese/milk/nuts) is just as important, and in some cases more important for your heart health than the amount of saturated fat in your diet.

The researchers found that switching from saturated fat to processed carbs, like white rice, had NO effect on heart disease risk.

In other words, it does not make a difference if you wipe the extra oil off your fries because it’s the ‘potato’ fries that’s more of a problem. You won’t make any difference to the waistline.

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butter safe to cook with
Yes, butter is safe to cook with
  • Certain fats are an essential dietary component, which means the body can only get it through food
  • Butter improves digestion
  • Natural fats increases mineral absorption in the GUT
  • Certain vitamins can only be carried into the body with fat
  • Boosts immunity
  • Butter is a neutral fat, it reduces inflammation in the body
  • Has a high smoking temperature, it does not break up into free radicals while cooking
  • Carbohydrates & inflammation are the reason for arterial blockage, not butter

So, in Conclusion…

Remember, FAT is an ‘Essential Dietary Component’.

Though demonised in the past, butter is a pretty healthy fat.

But don’t binge on butter, just add a few teaspoons to your food.



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