What about Peanut Butter and Cholesterol?

roasted peanuts
Roasted Peanuts

Have high cholesterol? So, What about peanut butter and cholesterol? Keeping your cholesterol under control can be tough as you need to watch what you eat constantly.

What about Peanut Butter and Cholesterol?

Fortunately for everyone who loves peanut and other such kinds of nut butter, these ‘creamy goodness’ are healthy and are an excellent source of nutrition.

As long as they do not contain hydrogenated fat or vegetable oils, you need not worry about cholesterol.

National Peanut Board? (yes, that’s a thing)

The National Peanut Board says that Peanut butter contains no cholesterol or trans fats.

It also improves your levels of good cholesterol.

Eating Peanut butter in small amounts tells your body to produce the HDL cholesterol (the good cholesterol) and cleans LDL cholesterol (the bad cholesterol) out of your blood. Therefore, Cholesterol/Lipid profile improves.

What about Peanut Butter and Cholesterol?
Peanut butter comes from these

High in Fat doesn’t mean High in Cholesterol

Try Natural Cures over Statins

Avoiding foods high in fat does not mean cholesterol will go down.

Even though they are really fatty, foods like nuts and avocados have virtually no cholesterol at all! 

We get cholesterol only from animal products.

Only animal foods contain cholesterol that the body can absorb and use, plant foods contain cholesterol that our body cannot absorb.

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